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Terms and terms of sale

Terms and terms of sale
The purchases carried out on (the “Site”) are disciplined by the following conditions (the “Conditions”).
Clicking on the key “I accept” the customer chip ax without limitations or reserves the Conditions.
The site is of property CLAM CARTOTECNICA FOR the S.a.s OFFICE with center in via 1° May, 10, 20068 – Peschiera Borromeo (ME), Italy, VAT number and Fiscal code 03969640964.

1. Services offered from the site
The Site affords to have use of web services to print (the “Services”).
In order to approach the Services it is necessary to record itself to the Site. In phase of recording it will be asked the customers to specify if they intend to record itself and therefore to carry out the purchases in quality of society, sole proprietor/freelance, private or association, specifying also the nationality of the customer. Only the purchases carried out from private customers will be subject to the applicable discipline in matter of consumers.
All the final prices of the visualized produced ones on the Site are expressed in euro and are possible to visualize them are with that without VAT, according to the country or of the type of recording. The prices of the produced ones can be subject to periodic variations.
For determined produced and offered the shipping costs they are from considering itself enclosed. For all remaining produced these last ones is at the expense of the customer.

2. Chosen of produced and the modality of purchase
After to be itself authenticated, the customer will be able to proceed to the selection of the produced ones so as described in the relative sections, selecting them each time, personalizing them for those managed, and adding the amounts wished in own cart of the purchases. Some images can be supplied to informative scope and could differ from the aspect of the delivered produced one.
Unless the customer does not opt for the images or the designs suggerti from Clam for some producing, once confirmed the estimate and completed the payment (to exception of the options in mark and bank discount), she will be demanded the customer to complete the order through the loading in the “Area Shipment rows” of the content that bes desired to print. The customer remains the single subject in charge of the verification of contents, spelling and diagram of the loaded rows.
Al term of the selection of wished articles, will be visualized shielded for the shipment of the order with indication of the costs and the expenses totals.

3. Payments and loading of the contents
The customer will be able to acquire the produced ones online and to carry out the payments to means Paypal, Sofort, discount like indicated on the Site, following the instructions indicated for the purchase procedure.
The necessary information for the payment will be forwarded, through crittografati protocols, to the institute of payment which the services of electronic payment are entrusted by Clam at a distance, without possibility of accesses from third party.
The payments must be carried out beforehand and, only after the payment and the loading of the rows “consistent” from the customer, the selected articles will be put in production.
For the payments through Bank Discount the production will only begin after the happened credit and, consequently, the delivery could be postponed of 2-3 days, more the time for prints and the shipment. In this case it is moreover necessary to insert the number of order in the motive of the deposit in order to identify the transaction.
The invoice will be sent to the customer through email: it will be cure of the customer to print the document and to second conserve it the norms in vigor.

4. Responsibility of the customers on the loaded contents
The selection of containing and the images to print, let alone the acquisition of the relative authorizations to their reproduction, where necessary, remains of exclusive responsibility of the customers. Clam will not proceed under no circumstances to the verification of the contents if not relatively to the technical detailed lists and the graphical compatibility with the demanded detailed lists.
Clam will not be able in some way to be considered responsible for uses it non-authorized of images from the customers and for every type of violation of rights of third party on existing they.
The customer also exempts therefore Clam, engaging himself to maintain it undamaged and to manlevare it, from any responsibility regarding third party who had to complain violations of ownerships intellectual, lesions to the image, honor, honor, moral integrity or however any consequent patrimonial and not patrimonial damage to prints of the images and the contents loaded from the same customer.
Clam reserves the right in any case to block any order that involves an obvious intellectual violation of ownerships of third party or however whose contained they are libellous, it rapes or in other way contrary to the law and order and the good custom.

5. Verification of the loaded rows.
For the printed articles, Clam provvederà to the verification of the rows graphical.

6. Times of delivery and shipment
The terms agree beginning from calculated the completion of the order, that is to say to the outcome of the loading of the rows and the reception of the confirmation. The delivery dates are valid for the majority of a data national territory. The remoter islands and zones could be served in two or more additional work days.
Clam will not be responsible under no circumstances of possible damages provoked from delays in the delivery.

9. Straight of recess or “second thought”

Straight of recess
It has the right to recede from the contract, without to indicate of the reasons, within 14 days. The period of recess expires after 14 days from the day if of a sale contract: “in which It or a third party, various from the carrier and designated She, acquires the physical possession of the assets.”.
In order to exercise the recess right, It is held to inform us of its decision to recede from anticipates contracted through an explicit declaration (for example letter sent for mail, fax or e-mail).
Via Primo Maggio, 10 - 20068 Peschiera Borromeo (ME)
Tel. 025470349 - Faxes 0255301243

In order to respect the term of recess, it is sufficient that It sends the relative communication to the exercise of the recess right before the expiration of the period of recess.
Effects of the recess
If It recedes from anticipates contracted, the payments that have carried out to our favor, comprised the costs of delivery (with the exception of the additional costs deriving from Its eventual one chosen of a various type of delivery from the type less expensive than delivery standard from we offered), without undue delay and in any case not beyond 14 days from the day will be reimbursed Them all in which we are informed of Its decision to recede from anticipates contracted. Sayings you reimburse will be carried out using the same mean of payment from used She for the initial transaction, unless It has not express convene otherwise; in any case, which consequence of such reimbursement will not have to support some cost.
It is prayed to resend the assets or to deliver them to we without undue delays and in any case within 14 days from the day in which us it has communicated its recess from it anticipates contracted. The term is respected if It resends the assets before the expiration of the period of 14 days. The expenses of restitution of the produced ones are at the expense of the customer.

Exceptions to the Right of Recess

The right of recess of which to articles from 52 to 58 for contracts at a distance and contracts it negotiate out of the commercial premises is excluded relatively to:
a) the contracts of services after the complete performance of the service if the execution is begun with the express agreement of the consumer and with the acceptance of the loss of the recess right as a result of the full execution of the contract from the professional;
b) the supply of assets or services whose price is in association with fluctuations in the financial market that the professional is able to not to control and that they can happen during the period of recess;
c) the supply of custom assets or clearly personalized;
d) the supply of assets that risk to deteriotate or to expire quickly;
e) the supply of sealed assets that are not lend to being given back for hygienic or connected reasons to the protection of the health and is opened after the delivery;
f) the supply of assets that, after the delivery, turn out, for they nature, inscindibilmente stirred with other assets;
g) the booze supply, whose price is agreed at the moment of the conclusion of the sale contract, whose delivery can only happen after thirty days and whose effective value depends on fluctuations on the market that they cannot be controlled from the professional;
h) the contracts in which the consumer it has specifically demanded a visit from the professional to the aims of the effettuazione of urgent intense activities of repair or maintenance. If, in occasion of such visit, the professional supplies services besides those specifically demanded from the consumer or various assets from the pieces of reciprocation necessary in order to carry out the maintenance or the repairs, the recess right applies to such additional services or assets;
i) the supply of sealed recordings audio or sealed computer science video or software that they are opened after the delivery;
l) the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines with the exception of contracts of subscription for the supply of such banns;
m) the contracts concluded in occasion of a public auction;
n) the supply of fine lodgings for not residential, the transport of assets, the services of chartering of motors vehicle, the regarding services of catering or services the activities of free time in case the contract previews a date or a specific period of execution;
o) the supply of digital content by means of a not material support if the execution is begun with the express agreement of the consumer and with its acceptance of the fact that in such case would have lost the recess right.
10. Exoneration of responsibility - defects of the produced ones

Clam will not be responsible in confronts of the customer for damages of any species, is directed that indirect, deriving from eventual errors, of every nature, in prints of the rows sent from the customer, except fraud or serious guilt.
In case of not imputable misprints to the customer or of difettato or damaged producing delivery of, Clam will be exclusively held to execute a single reprint of the material.
Al moment of the delivery the customer is held to carefully examine the received produced ones. Eventual defects of the goods delivered, errors in print or in the not imputable packaging of the material to the customer, they go immediately marked to the courier or the servicing to the customer. The goods must be withdrawn adding specific signature with reservation of control. The customer will have to then open a signalling through its Personal Area, attending on to enclose the photographic documentation where demanded within 8 days from the reception of the material.
Clam will put your best foot forward in order to answer as soon as possible to the received signallings.
11. Applicable law, jurisdiction and competent hole for customers not consumers

You anticipate Conditions are subject to the Italian law.
For all the coming orders from not qualificabili subjects like “consumers”, all the relative controversies to the interpretation and/or the execution of anticipate contracted, will be of exclusive competence of the hole of Milan.


Conditions of use
The access and I use it of the site (the “Site”) is subordinated to the acceptance, from the customer, of the following conditions (the “Conditions”) and to the applicable laws. Approaching and consulting the Site, the customer chip ax, without limitations or reserves, the Conditions below specified. In case the Conditions are not accepted, the customer are invited not to use the Site.
The site is of property of CLAM CARTOTECNICA FOR the S.a.s OFFICE with center in Via Primo Maggio, 10 - 20068 Peschiera Borromeo (ME)
The purchase of the produced ones on the Site is regulated by the Terms and Terms of sale that will come subordinates to the customer in phase of purchase.

For any demand it is possible to contact CLAM CARTOTECNICA FOR the S.a.s OFFICE to the deliveries indicated in the section Contacts of the Site.

Limitations to the use of the contents and the information published on the Site
All the information and the contents published on the Site (the “Information”) are protected from copyrights or from other ownerships intellectual and, except contrary indication, they cannot be used, neither totally neither partially, neither be copied, reproduced, transferred, published and distributed in any way without the pre-emptive written consent of CLAM. The customer will be able to exclusively unload and/or to print the Information for personal use and to fine not commercial. In any case, the customer will not be able to distribute, to modify, to transmit, to re-use, to send or to use the Information, comprised witnesses, images there, contained let alone the software eventually you anticipate in the Site, for advertising or commercial scopes without by authority received written of CLAM.
The marks, loghi and any other sign symbol that appears on the Site are of property of commercial CLAM or its partner, and they cannot be used in some way and you form or with any means without the pre-emptive written consent of CLAM. In particular, denomination “CLAM” so like any other sign symbol that contains brand “CLAM” cannot in some way to be used which name of dominion or part of it, for sites third party, without the pre-emptive written consent of CLAM.

In case a any intellectual violation of ownerships is found is possible to send a signalling to CLAM to following address email:
Limitations of responsibility

CLAM will strive in order to publish Information precise and updated on the Site. However some guarantee is not supplied that the use of the Information does not violate straight of third party, neither that they are lacking in errors, exact, complete and dawned. Under no circumstances CLAM could be in some responsible way for any negative consequence, gives or loss, deriving or connected to the use of the Site or the Information.

Sites, link and contained of third party
CLAM cannot control the content of sites of third party and external pages to which the Site it can be in some connected way, and does not assume some responsibility for the materials and the contained information in such sites regarding which CLAM has a some connection from own site. The connection to external pages to the Site happens under the responsibility of the customer. The connection through link to other sites does not imply in some way that CLAM has relationships of collaboration or affiliation with the titular third party of these sites.

Information sent from the customers
Any information, contained or material correspondent to the Site (comprised the loaded rows, data, questions, comments, suggestions or other) always will be considered confidential. The customer guarantees to hold undamaged CLAM from any action, demand, pretension, advanced question of third party in relation to uses it of such material.

Recording of the customers
Every customer will be able to record on the Site, being inserted own data in the appropriate form of recording, in case intends to proceed to the purchase of the sold produced ones through the Site. The customer guarantees to CLAM that the indications supplied for the recording are updated, truthful and corrected, and the recording is engaged to communicate every variation of the regarding data. The communication must happen modifying own account. If CLAM had to consider that the information are not correct, or for a any serious reason it considered such measure justified, will be able to deny the access to the Site or to suspend the account of the customer. Only for the customers professionals/having Societies center in the European Union, CLAM will proceed to verify of the VAT number.

Ulterior limitations
It is allowed the single connection with the Home Page of the Site from third party. Under no circumstances it is allowed the CD. “deep linking” without by authority received written of CLAM.
It is not allowed “framing” of the Site or of portions of the same one from third party of other means are allowed the use of any that can induce the customers to consider that the content of the Site is riconducibile to third party. Moreover it is forbidden to any inclusion of portions of the Site in sites of third party strangers to CLAM.
Any demand for connection to the Home Page of the Site or any its section, contained page or can be sent to the following address: CLAM will grant the authorization to the activation of link to the Site to own discretion, under gratuitous title and in via not exclusive.

Last update 19 thursdays November 2015.

CLAM has faculty to modify anytime anticipates Conditions. The customer is bound from such modifications and must therefore consult periodically this page in order to verify the content of the Conditions to which it is bound.

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