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Model: BIBLE
Two-ring binders in a5 format suitable for the specific needs of the law firm. Made of welded PVC, they have a pocket on the back and one in the front (before the cover). We can also make them in other formats and variants. Inside, separators can be chosen by number and indications on the notch...
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Aluminum binders. Printing is possible with both laser engraving and screen printing. We are able to create different formats, including A4 to A5 in both vertical and horizontal orientation...
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Tailored to the needs of the hospital wardIn collaboration with a leading center of excellence in Milan we produced these bins tailored to consultation and medical records management. Two mechanisms, bellows pockets, large capacity envelopes with Velcro characterize this realization..
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Binders made of cardboard covered in printed paper and plastic, with 3 doors structure with 2 button closure and handle in plastic applied. Ideal as sample bags. Size cm 33x29 cm back 8. On request also other measures...
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Notepad holder with A5 size, made of cardboard. Available in colors such as having one with a natural finish. This clipboard can be supplied with hot-stamped logo from 50 pieces. We can also provide matching pencil and block, white or customized...
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Model: F5233
Folders containers with no suitable mechanism pocket for catalogs or price lists already bound. Ideal for presenting in an elegant and professional way your proposals. These binders are made of sturdy cardboard covered with printed paper and plastic, with a glossy or matte choice .. Outside size 32 ..
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Model: LASA-HA
- 10x30 mm labels made of plastic with adhesive suitable for low temperatures (up to -40 c for fridge and freezer). The labels are supplied in rolls inserted in boxes for easy dispensing, they are normally used in hospitals, clinics and clinics.These are adhesive labels that we need for the ..
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Portariviste 21,3 x 30 x 7,4 (misure utili interne). Realizzati in cartone rivestito di carta stampata e plastificata lucida. E’ possibile avere anche uno solo dei due pezzi...
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Menu holder with three doors, which contains 4 A4 sheets held by the corners (side 10 cm) in cardboard covered with plasticized material. Hot stamping is required, minimum quantity 50 pieces...
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