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The company CLAM PAPER FOR THE OFFICE of Toffetti Sergio Srl, deals with the production and sale of binders, folders and items related to the office.

The key issue is the relationship with the stakeholders ie employees, customers, suppliers, companies and institutions that are involved in the whole process. Man With them the company intends to maintain and develop relationships with maximum mutual trust operating in compliance with national laws and regulations and rejecting any form of discrimination based on sex, race, language, personal and social conditions, the religious and political beliefs.

The mission of CLAM is to pursue excellence in providing products and services to promote and document storage. The customer has to find a quick and competent response to their needs, resulting in a durable and quality.


Article 1 - General principles


To achieve its objectives, the Company is guided by the following principles:


  1. compliance with all national laws and regulations;
  2. respect for people;
  3. equality and impartiality;
  4. honesty, transparency and reliability;
  5. loyalty, fairness and good faith;
  6. environmental protection and safety;
  7. health protection.



Art.2 - Target


The principles and provisions of this Code of Ethics (the "Code") are binding on all the following Recipients:


  • holders;
  • employees and all employees with which contractual relations, also temporary, and all those with whom you follow work activities and business relations in the context of the various relationships that exist with the Company.



Art.3 - Indications of the mode of communication, implementation and control


The Company shall cause to know and enforce all the Recipients of this Code, by publishing on our website

The department provides:


  • the spread of the Code to the Company's employees, customers, suppliers, partners and in general with all interested parties;
  • support the interpretation and implementation of the Code;
  • the application and compliance with the Code of Ethics and the organizational, management and control;
  • to take all steps deemed more appropriate with regard to violations of the rules contained in the Code;
  • updating of the provisions with regard to the needs that arise from time to time.



Art.4 - Correctness


Each activity carried out by the targets must be consistent with the mission and protect the Company, according to national laws, the general principles and regulations. All recipients, regardless of the nature and duration of the employment contract, they are required in dealings with third parties in an ethical and law-abiding, based on transparency, fairness, efficiency, as defined by the standards of the Code Ethics. Recipients are personally responsible for the conservation of materials and resources of the Company entrusted to carry out its duties. Recipients do not use the information and assets of the Company for personal purposes. Recipients may not accept or make, or pressure signals, which could compromise the reputation of the Company or benefit themselves, the Company or third parties. Recipients may not accept or donate sums of money, gifts, discounts, forms of hospitality, or any other form of benefit. Can be accepted only if of low value, if they do not compromise the integrity and reputation of the parties and if they can be interpreted, in any way, as acts aimed at obtaining advantages and favors in an improper way.


Art. 5 - Relations with suppliers


The choice is made by seeking the quality / price ratio, reliability, trust, and compliance with laws and regulations. Payments are handled by allowing the supplier not only to meet its commitments but to be a further sign of confidence.


Art. 6 - Prices


The prices are established according to a series of factors: the amount, type of product, the delivery request, etc. They exclude unfair competitive practices, reduction in the tariffs and bid rigging.


Article 7 - Staff


The management of labor relations and cooperation is based on respect for workers' rights and the professionalism of each of them. The Company ensures that its recipients are suited for the tasks to be performed and professionally qualified. For this purpose, values ​​and growing human resources with training and retraining in view of the skills and capabilities of individuals, without any discrimination.


Art.8 - Environment and Health


The company pursues its activities in the principle of the protection and preservation of the environment and aims to ensure prevention and safety of the health of recipients. The home was built with the criterion of wholesomeness: space, air, natural light to work under the best conditions. In accordance with the Law. 3 of 16 January 2003, the ban on smoking in the workplace, including service vehicles. The company aims to contribute to protecting the environment, by marketing products with characteristics of low environmental impact as much as possible recycled and recyclable materials, which affect the environment as little as possible throughout their life cycle (production, transport, use, disposal).


Art. 9 Sustainable Development


The company aims at sustainable development and consolidation: our aim is to establish cooperation with the ongoing and long-term recipients to foster a climate of trust and a reputation for reliability.


Art. 10 - Violations of the Code of Ethics


Compliance with the Code should also be considered an essential part of the contractual obligations by freelance workers and / or individuals who have business relations with the Company. Violations of the Code of Ethics may constitute a breach of contract. Compliance with these principles will be pursued through a system of internal rules and the collection of data monitored and compared with indicators.


Art.11 - Final provisions


This Code was approved in June 2008. Any change and / or integration of the same will be approved by the Management and promptly disseminated to the Beneficiaries.


Sergio Toffetti

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