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Ecology Sustainable Development


We participated in the qualification project "Neighbors companies" promoted by the Province of Milan and managed by Bureau Veritas Spa.

The initiative is to spread a culture of social responsibility and ethics comes to safety, environment and quality.

More details on this initiative clik here

Here you can find our Ethics Code.




Lever arch file printed recyclable

The new surface treatment makes it fully recyclable bins with the usual qualities of strength and brilliance.
Normally a binder printed is composed of:
  • gray cardboard core, entirely recycled and recyclable
  • paper printed for external cladding, completely recyclable
  • metal mechanism, which by its nature can be easily separated in the recycling stage of
  • treatment of surface protection in polypropylene (plastic coating)

The latter treatment prevents a complete recycling of the article, assimilating facto municipal waste. The poliprobilene is indeed safe and non-toxic, but not recyclable if combined with another material as in this case.

The new treatment "Acetate" renders an entirely recyclable the entire binder, which can be recycled along with the paper in the process of re-conversion into pulp. The pulp used comes from forests managed in a sustainable way.
This treatment is available in the bright, matt and scratched on our binders molded from 300 pieces.

Reuse and recycling of our packaging

Paper adhesive tape to close our boxes.
The attention to the minimum possible impact on the packaging is present for years in our choices.
Now we are introducing the tape to close the boxes in paper instead of plastic. This signfica that, after a number of re-use of packaging, disposal is easier because it is not necessary to remove the tape from the box that it is possible to completely recycle the paper.

Recall the other steps already implemented:
  • Reducing the size of the boxes: our cases saving "clack!" Allow us to use smaller boxes with advantages on the amount of cardboard used, the shipping and the space occupied by the customer, before use.


A pallet 360 Lever arch file

  • Reuse: entrust our empty boxes to some of our suppliers that employ to pack finished producing, empty them when we use for our products, a sort of modern and organized "returnable".

Many of our customers once used binders use the boxes to contain other objects, and in the end to hold the paper to dispose of. Recycling: boxes, cardboard completely (mono material) may eventually be recycled into paper.

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